Sailing season in Latvia usually is quite short, but the demand for activities on the water normally grows in proportion to the level of professional achievement in your hobby. By the time each sailor starts to feel a shortfall at home spots and wants to enjoy world’s sailing spot diversity to find the most ideal conditions for further progress or simply diversify his everyday life. In this situation, WINDBORN Travel will help you – the official travel agency (TATO No. 2015-15) which cooperates with the Latvian largest tour operators.


WINDBORN Travel annually organizes windsurfing training camps in Egypt, Greece and discovers new windy destinations around the world. During training camps Latvian best freestyle windsurfer Jevgenijs Gavrilovs provides tuition and consultations.


Why you should choose WINDBORN Travel services?

👍 We offer only proved and checked destinations that are ideal or near to ideal for surfers needs and expectations

👍 You will not have to worry about personal sports equipment transportation or rental, we will organize it

👍 Special offers from surf stations for WINDBORN clients

👍 Sport discipline and regime combined with peaceful rest and surf vibes involved

👍 Daily gymnastics and stretching are part of camps, it will improve your physical condition and agility

👍 Video and photo materials from the water sessions and daily life

👍 In no windy days exploring local lifestyle and non-surfing activities

👍 Tips and advice from Jevgenijs Gavrilovs, with the possibility to apply for individual training

WINDBORN training camps – this is your chance to quickly improve windsurfing skills and move on to “another level” in sailing.

WINDBORN Travel provides consultations, advises and can organize your individual surf trips. Contact us for a consultation or an application for another training camp.