As it was announced before, WindBorn Travel scheduled some windsurfing training camps for the first half of the 2017.
Lately we arrived back home from our traditional spring time travelling destination– Egypt, where we were hosted by Soma Bay luxury 5* Palm Royal hotel.

The group of 6 adults and 2 kids from Latvia joined the trip. Before the journey the forecast did not look too optimistic, it seemed that “Wind Gods” will not fortunate us for the second year in a row by windy conditions, but it confirmed well known theory, that each windsurfer should surf on the water, not in the “internet”. Each day of our 10 days trip delivered wind, strong enough either for windsurfing or kite. The local effect of Soma Bay accelerated the wind and thermal effect made it sailable for all days, normally the strongest wind was in the morning and after lunch slowly was giving us a rest.

The perfectly scheduled trip dates allowed us to use the low tide period during morning hours which created ideal flat water lagoon in front of the Surfmotion center.
Those were 10 intensive days of training combined stretching every morning and evening, also involving fun elements visiting Hurghada’s biggest trade center- Senso mall and Safaga town.

Situation in Egypt is calm and safe. New airport of Hurghada is not crowded because Russian aircrafts are still not arriving to Egypt and mostly only German and Ukrainian tourists attend Hurghada.
But let’s leave politics, we choose Egypt for its turquoise warm water and constant windy conditions. The Red sea is as always warm and beautiful and the wind was there strong enough and non gusty, which made our training and tuition a big pleasure.

Briefly, Soma Bay delivered the goods! We are satisfied with our clients and friends success. It was tons of positive emotions and sunshine during all 10 days.
Looking forward for the next destination of the Year – Crete, Palekastro! The Greek hospitality and reliable windsurf conditions are calling!

P.S. Sounds like real promo text, but check the pictures in gallery! Water really is turquoise and it’s windy 🙂


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