My Dear friends, it looks like winter is stepping on our land’s door sill, so we can resume how the windsurf season 2014 was and what moments to remember more.

If we are speaking about sailing only at home LV spots, that these year was the worst year ever I’m doing windsurfing…. Only some normal windy days. And naturally the windiest time was when air and water temperatures was still not comfortable, so MAY and October:(. In may it’s nothing to search in the open sea area so only freestyle inland, but October was the just awesome for waves. I made 3 trips: two in Akmensrags and one to Ristna. Ristna time was the best ever for me and I will for sure remember it for some time. Ideal waves, nice vibe, awesome people around…Only these road alone 900 km plus ferry 1,5 hours each way :((( a bit boring but no regrets, it was worth:))). And for sure will do it again.

MAde small video about october sailing, so if You haven’t seen it it’s available here…
BumpyJumpy”>″>BumpyJumpy Autumn
from Jevgenijs”>″>Jevgenijs Lat161 on Vimeo.”>Vimeo.>It all about and around sailing at home spots, but for sure these year the most intense sailing was abroad..
April- two weeks soma bay, not windy enought but half of all time ok for frestyling,



August- two weeks in Crete, Palecastro, super windy and flat, but broken rib in first day of sailing made it a little painfull, but anyway made there my first regular kono. Excited, and it was like a new beginning for freestyle addiction, because it was a while since I was able to perform something new..


Video from Crete done by Edžus Viksna:
Short”>″>Short impressions, Crete 2014
from Jevgenijs”>″>Jevgenijs Lat161 on Vimeo.”>Vimeo.>
For now I’m preparing myself physically for the these Year season closing trip. Can advise everybody who wants to be fit and in shape for windsurfing, try TRX and some streching exercises added, it’s what every windsurfer needs..
So hopefully these sunday I will leave with students to Dahab 😉 I was ignoring these place, but these Year is the new challenges and discovering Year… Will stay there for 3 weeks and hope it will be windy enought to learn something new…
What else…????
Yeah Burusports Baltic Freestyle CUP 2014 ( BBFC 2014).. We are strugling with it, and for sure it will be BBFC 2014/2015, so we will try to finish LT event and LV event in 2015 spring/ early summer time I guess…
I have EST title for frestyle under my belt these Year:)) but there wasn’t to much condenters for the title, so I will have good position for the start of other events…
Here is the Penny edited video:
Burusports”>″>Burusports Baltic Freestyle CUP 2014 I stage – Estonia
from Teamvosa”>Teamvosa> on Vimeo.”>Vimeo.>
I will try to keep these space updated, so check it later during Burusports team Trip to dahab. Dates: 23.11.14- 14.12.2014. If You also wnat to join us, let me know, may be we will be able to oragnise some more places for 30.11- 14.12.

See Ya…
p.s. Don’t let the autumn depression to overtake You :)… The winter is knocking at the doors:)

  • Esmu pārbaudījis, TRX reali super treniņš ka sagatavot sevi vindsērfingam… Un kāpēc gan ne laižam uz Dahabu:) būs cool…

    November 20, 2014
  • Man ar TRX izklausās pēc laba trenniņa, pats gan vēl neesmu mēģinājis. Uz Dahabu būtu pat tagad gatavs aizbraukt :)))

    November 20, 2014

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