It’s spring time in calendar, but winter doesn’t want to leave Latvian territory. Despite low air and water temperatures, WindBorn team was full of passion and commitment to spend long time on the water, SUP and windsurfing at home spots.

After Egypt trip, picked up my warm 6/4 mm wetsuit to keep my body warm at +5 water and air temperatures. During last month enjoyed several sessions at Kisezers and Kegums beach. Session at home town Kegums was the toughest due to hail during sailing and extra low temperatures, but it’s a big pleasure to take your wetsuit off at home in a warm shower, that fact made the session more enjoyable. April was generous of wind  and almost every week was possible to make 2 freestyle sessions on the water. During one of the sessions on 4,8 sails managed to make the first SKOPU, unfortunately it’s not documented on video, but for sure will manage to repeat it again for the camera 🙂

When the wind refused to appear, WindBorn grabbed their SUP boards for some cardio training. The trip on the river Ogre was nice and you can check some pictures of it.

So the season has already started, hope the May will bring warmer and also windier weather.

We offer to join us for some nice SUP trips on Ogre or Daugava rivers, and if You want to try windsurfing, remember, we also offer windsurfing tuition.

Let’s stay active and enjoy upcoming summer time with WindBorn!

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