Inspired by Jules Verne novels, since early childhood Eugene dreamed of the sea, the oceans and unlimited freedom feeling. Therefore, from the age of 12 he started the classic sailing and spent all his free time on the water at his home spot on the river Daugava. By the time, pleasure craft driving license was acquired, which helped implement childhood dream of sailing on the sea. Later, in 2004 he tried windsurfing for the first time and got hooked on it. Progressing fast, already in the second season he started freestyle discipline and within a few years of instance training became the best Latvian freestyle-windsurfer. In addition, he also gained his wave riding skills. From the beginning, Eugene was supported by the local extreme sports equipment dealer Burusports and later joined the FANATIC and North sails national teams. In 2007, he started to share his windsurfing knowledge and skills with other “wind addicts” by organizing windsurfing camps abroad. Since then, several dozen Latvian windsurfers have joined windsurfing camps and polished their riding abilities and technique. Eugene was the first Latvian instructor who used video coaching and analysis for faster progress of his students.

In 2009 he found sponsors to run the first freestyle competition in Latvia and took 3rd place among Baltic windsurfers and 1st among Latvian riders. In 2016 anoter project was fulfilled- Burusports Baltic Freestyle Cup, where he took Baltic freestyle champion title! Eugene is active person and during summertime you always can find him on the water, on the stormy days- on his windsurfing gear, on calmer time- practicing SUP paddling. During wintertime, on the ice, practicing icewindsurfing, snowsurf or snowkite! Year 2016 was memorable also for him by reaching 3rd place in Latvian RACE SUP Cup. In 2015 it was time to raise the level of his activities on the new height, so WindBorn was founded! Time does not stand still, like WindBorn does, with Eugene “at the helm”. The World is enormously big, new traveling and training destination are calling, new horizons and heights are challenging us … Are You ready to conquer them with Windborn?